Community Arts Program

counter and intern in community art programs AfricaThe Community Art Program Tanzania focuses on to develop and nurture the art & music & design activities in local government levels in Tanzania. It is based on fact that the Tanzanian schools commonly do not teach arts and music due to the lack of capacities as teachers and teaching materials. Most of the artistic activities are then based on tribal based traditional in family level and individual talents.

Arts & Music and Design is the 3rd largest business sector in EU. It is base for many business activities as developing computer games among all products that need designs etc. In Tanzania the importance of this sector is completely neglected. Art is also important part of the National Identity and it is part of the daily world of the common people. It can also be used as therapeutic tool among other solutions.

Art in Tanzania is promoting the people in Arts & Crafts production as part of the it's Fair Trade program.

The community Arts Program is also part of the UNICEF Chilren Agenda approach. All the issues are then documented in Social Media. We are also producing short documentaries and using community photographing to highlight the society issues through artistic media.

Locations & Start Up: Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Moshi (Kilimanjaro) – Any date

Specific programs:
• Madale Village Community Approach (Dar es Salaam)
• Traditional African Music (Dar es Salaam)
• Art & Music & Design teaching (All locations)
• Art therapy (All locations)
• Fair Trade (All locations)
• Sober Houses (drug) (Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar)
• Film Making (Dar es Salaam)
• Community photographing (All locations)
• Social Media (All locations)
• UNICEF Children Agenda (Parts of it's focus, all locations)
• Tailored programs upon the study focus (intern)

Community Arts

UNICEF Children Agenda

Fair Trade

Photographing & Film Making

Social Media


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