Sea Turtle Conservation

Project introduction

sea turtle conservationThis project was started 1993 by a community based NGO to help to protect the sea turtles that prior this time were hunted by local fishermen and regularly eaten by locals. It seems that some are still eager to hunt and eat turtle meat and eggs thus constant efforts in conservation and awareness are needed. This project is setting an example how conservation can become a livelihood project and help the local community to increase their income.

Project hosts Green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and Hawksbills (Eretmochelys imbricata) in natural sea water pool and tiled swimming pools. Turtles are brought in by local fishermen who have accidentally caught them in their fishing nets. Turtles in this natural aquarium are one main tourist attraction in the area and many tourists visit the project during the day. Project collects an admission fees that are the main source of finances of the project. Tourists are given a tour of the aquarium and information about sea turtles and conservation efforts.

The main aim of the project is to protect the sea turtles and raise awareness on sea turtle conservation to local people and tourists. Project has started to collect basic data for research, but it is not primary activity of the project.

Project accepts volunteers year round. Minimum age is 18 years old. Younger volunteers may participate with a parent. Please inform us about any possible health restrictions or dietary requirements in advance.

marine conservation africa Volunteers can also help to support the community by teaching English at the local kindergarten, organize adult language lessons and themselves learn Swahili or local crafts. Nungwi is known for its well -crafted wooden boats, dhows, and we can arrange a course in dhow- building for extra cost.

Accommodation and food

Project accommodation is in shared twin rooms. All rooms have bathroom with cold water showers. Mosquito nets and bed linen are provided. There is electricity available for most of the day, but sometimes there are scheduled power cuts. These can happen also during the evening, so do carry your flashlight with you during the evenings.

This project offers 3 meals a day and due this the project cost is different from our other projects. .

The project is located in Nungwi, the northern tip of Zanzibar. Project is right on the beach in a fairly touristy area with many hotels and beach bars. The village of Nungwi is a bit inland from the beach, but only few minutes walk away from the project location.

Project fee

As this project location is away from our accommodation and owned by another NGO, the price of the project is different from others.

Weekly fee is 300USD and this includes 3 meals a day. In addition you need to pay for the participation fee including the mandatory volunteer permit and 15USD for village tour as a donation towards the community.

These fees exclude any transportation costs to Zanzibar or the project location.

Any questions about the project email marjut (at)

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