How much money will I need for my free time?

Living in Tanzania can be done on all budgets. Depending on your program, many of your meals, accommodation, and transfers will already be paid for.

Eating out

Dining out can be as cheap or expensive as you like. Many of the local restaurants and pubs have dinner options for less than $5 USD, while some of the nicer resorts can charge $15-$20 USD. Your team leader and other volunteers can advise you about the options in your local area.


We recommend visiting the local markets. Many of our volunteers find inexpensive souvenirs and curios to take home to family and friends. With a bit of negotiation, you will find that many craft items are reasonably priced.


The following list is intended to be a helpful guide when planning your trip. Please remember that prices do change and some parts of Tanzania are more expensive than others. Zanzibar is generally more expensive than the rest of Tanzania.

All prices are in Tanzanian Shillings and were last updated in June 2016.


1/1.5 litre bottle of water: 1000-2000
Soft Drink: 1000-1500
Local Beer: 3500-5000


Breakfast: 3000-5000
Lunch: 3000-5000
Dinner: 5000-20000

Chocolate: 1000-4000
Crisps: 1000-2000
Biscuits: 1000-2000

Internet (per hour): 500-1000


Dala Dala: starting at 300
Taxi: Negotiable, but make sure this is done before the journey starts! 2000 for short journeys

Are credit cards accepted?

Credit cards are not widely accepted at local places, so it's important to always have cash on you. There are many ATM/cash machines that accept VISA/Mastercard and other major credit card names, so you should not have a problem getting cash. Be sure to check with your local team leader for information regarding the location of banks and cash machines. It is also advisable to inform your bank beforehand about your stay in Tanzania.

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