Francis Hoti

Francis 1Francis is organizing your placements in schools and orphanages among others. Francis is also a safari guide, great with bird watching and in forestry issues.

Francis Hoti, Project Coordinator, Dar es Salaam

Maria Kajigli

Maria 1Ms. Maria is an environmentalist keen on Climate Change issues. 

Maria Kajigli, Environmental sector graduate and team lead for Environmental and Sustainability Programs

Eva Kitchen

Eva 1Eva is running the kitchen operations with Mama Nema.

Eva, Kitchen operations

Dismas Mushi

Dismas 1

Mr. Dismas is taking care of all participant issues. He is a business sector professional and great contact to get to the Tanzania corporations.

Dismas Mushi, Business Sector Team Lead and Managing Director

Tumpe Ones

Tumpe joined AIT in 2011 and is one of the Arusha house cooks. Tumpe is very quiet, but lively when she hears her favourite song on the radio!

Tumpe Ones, Cook in Arusha

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