Francis Hoti

Francis Hoti, tam leaderFrancis is organizing your placements in schools and orphanages among others. Fracis is also a safari guide, great with bird watching and in forestry issues.

Francis Hoti, Project Coordinator, Dar es Salaam

John Gomegwa

John the bar tenderAre you thirsty? Meet John our Bar Tender. John is expert in beers, sodas, water and bites and controld the house keys.

John Gomegwa, Bar Tender, Dar es Salaam

Edward (Zanzibar)

Edward has been working for Art in Tanzania for 5 years and moved to Stone Town when the house opened in 2009. He organises all the tours on the island, takes the volunteers to their projects, and makes them feel at home.

Edward, Team Leader in Zanzibar

Jerry Nyoni

Art in Tanzania Team Leaders

"Have you met Jerry? He handles all bookings including your safari and day trips."

Jerry Nyoni, Team Leader in Dar es Salaam

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