Art in Tanzania Placements

Blackboard 1Our Community Development Projects in Tanzania give volunteers and interns great opportunities to develop their own skills and see the tangible benefits of their work in the local communities. Our projects rely upon the enthusiasm and experience of volunteers from across the world, working under the supervision of our dedicated staff.

Below a short summary of programs.

Children Under School Age; Multiple programs to help in the nursery schools, orphanages, and to advocate public in common.

Women Programs Development; Helping women and their groups to develop their income-generating programs and advocating and educating. 

Medical, Nursing, and Public Health; Practical medical placements in the dispensaries and hospitals, pharmacies, and performing Public Health programs.

Community Education Support; Assisting in the village schools

Environmental Advocacy; Advocating in the schools and the public in common about environmental issues

Climate Change Effect on Socio-Economy; Advocacy work and also research and fact-finding task.

Corporate Social Responsibility; Working in a partnership program with the Tanzanian corporates. Education, advocacy, and fieldwork. For example, running tree nurseries and planting programs.

Community Sports Development; Developing the village community youth football and sports overall. Assisting to develop talented youth football academy work together with Tanzanian footballers.

Social Media; Content production to all social media platforms. We have more than 50k followers on our Facebook pages.

Film Production; Film clips for social media, short documentaries, and participating in full movie productions.

Human Rights Advocacy; Advocating about human rights, the main focus on children and women. It the field in the schools and through social media.

Community Psychology Approach; Assisting in various programs to bring in the community psychology aspects.

Sustainable Tourism Development; Developing sustainable safari and tour options.

Marketing and Management; Marketing both the NGO and corporate operations. Mainly Social media.

Music and Dance; Participating Tanzanian bands and artists in their work and education music in the schools.

Information about specific projects our volunteers work on can be found at the Tanzania Placements document.


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EVOLVET Erasmus +


EVOLVET (European Volunteer coordinators Vocation Education and Training) is a European strategic partnership composed of seven organizations working with development projects for social inclusion and education from Austria, Finland, Italy, Poland, Portugal,  Slovakia, and Spain.


The project aims at giving a positive impulsion to the training of volunteer coordinators by providing a standardized tool-kit containing on-the-job training materials for skills and competences commonly demanded to volunteer coordinators across Europe, not only for the management of development projects but also on the concrete education and training of the volunteers taking part on them. During the two-year project duration, partner organizations will work on exchanging information and materials about their current on-the-job training practices for their professional volunteer coordinators as well as carrying out on-the-field research of the skills and competences commonly demanded to volunteer coordinators across Europe. 


Partners will then use the collected information and materials to create a standardized tool-kit containing on-the-job training materials for skills and competences commonly demanded to volunteer coordinators in development organizations across Europe, that will be tested on the different partner countries in order to ensure its quality and improve it using real volunteer coordinators working on development organizations. Moreover, the project will also run transnational training mobilities that will make it possible to volunteer coordinators from the different partner organizations to take part in common education initiatives about volunteer management embedded within the activities of the project.


The creation of such standard pan- European training materials for professional volunteer coordinators will directly contribute to improving the transparency and recognition of their qualifications and competences using also already established systems based on measurable recognitions (Ex. ECVET) at transnational level, including those acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning.


Furthermore, the project will aim to identify the skills required by professional volunteer coordinators on development organizations, what will make possible to compose a standard curriculum of competences for this professional category that could be use afterward for both, vocational education and training centers (to develop new learning pathways, methodologies, and degrees) and organizations working with projects for local and international development (to detect which competences should be reinforced on their teams and detect those skills needed for future recruitments).


According to all of this, EVOLVET is not only an innovative project which the main objective is to develop new materials and improve the situation of those professionals working as volunteer coordinators on the development field, but also a necessary initiative to facilitate the transitions of those learning on social education and training centers offering NGOs coordination and management degrees, and the real labor market that will wait them after their graduation.


Besides all of this, the project also aims to create new links between organizations of different countries and sectors working on the same field (local and international development of communities) that could make it possible to reinforce the transnational structures of communication and sources to support projects on this field.


EVOLVET logo lettersimage.png


Team Leaders

 Professional Volunteer Position in Ecological and Natural Building in Tanzania

timber construction

Art in Tanzania (NGO) is looking for an experienced professional person to help lead our eco-campus development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

So far we have built rooms with locally sourced bamboo, dry toilets and a simple greywater gathering system. We want to develop the greywater system, build huts with natural and ecological materials sourced locally, and implement renewable energy solutions for the campus. We are also looking to develop new and sustainable waste-management systems.

While building the eco-campus, we will also introduce and teach local builders, youth and international volunteers or interns, different techniques in ecological living.

Environmental and Natural Building leaders and their teams will also be tasked with helping to implement our treehouse community and other innovative concepts. We currently have eight acres of non-developed land area.

eco construction africa

Requirements for Applicants

Practical experience in ecological and natural building projects and able to provide a minimum of two references. Demonstrate the ability to work in a primary African environment with limited resources. Demonstrate the ability to work in multi-cultural teams and teach others. Have excellent spoken English skills and a willingness to learn Kiswahili.
Demonstrate enthusiasm and a passion for ecological living solutions.
There is a minimum six-month commitment to the team leader's work.

What we offer:

  • Possibility to make a big difference in our community and to learn local building techniques
  • Immersion in Tanzanian way of life and culture
  • Full board; basic accommodation and three meals a day, not including drinks
  • Volunteer work permits for the duration of commitment
  • Airport transfers
  • Discounted safari trips for you, your family, and friends


  • International airfare to Tanzania
  • Travel insurance
  • Charity Organization Permit Against our invitation online 50USD

Please send a cover letter and CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Additional information