Improvements at Kunduchi school

Art in Tanzania volunteers and interns renovated and constructed classrooms in Tanzania. Kunduchi Nursery and Primary School had only one large classroom and breaking the many students into smaller groups to teach more effectively is very difficult with only one large space. In addition, the school's toilet facilities were in very bad shape and there are many holes in classroom ceiling. The project construction was started in August 2010 and was funded by a Self-Help Grant from the Community Grants Department of the American Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

Renovating the school's toilets

Kunduchi Nursery School has not had running water for their toilets, so they needed a new water tank and water pump. The piping was also in such disrepair, all new pipes were installed.

The new water tank                          A new pipe



We installed a new drain for the sink, a new flush box for the squat-toilet and fixed the other toilet and gave the entire bathroom a very good cleaning. All this will supply the school with a much higher standard of hygienic cleanliness.

Old flush box                              New flush box


Ceiling repair

There were several holes in the ceiling of the existing classroom which birds have since taken up residence. Now the ceiling and roof have been fixed and the birds have been removed safely from the premises.

Before and after pictures:


Classroom Partition

Teaching previously has been very difficult because the school had only one big classroom. Now the classroom is divided into two parts.

Before and after pictures:


Volunteers and interns are welcome to participate the ongoing construction and furniture making programmes in Tanzania. Helping the poor societies in Africa is a big experience and it will bring you back and back again.

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