Renovations of Jiwe Gumu School to start in March

Renovations of Jiwe Gumu School, based in Mtongani near Bahari Beach will kick off during March 2011.

The school currently has 89 pupils, aged from three to five. The growing number of pupils has created a need for a new classroom and a toilet block.

The primary funder of renovations is the US Embassy with 4,030,000 tsh but Art in Tanzania will also donate money to ensure that the new class room and toilet block are suitable for the growing number of pupils.

When the renovations of Jiwe Gumu School get going it will take around one month to finish them, so estimates Principal Frederick Kennedy.

“After the new class room is built we can divide pupils according to their age and we'll be able to enroll more students.”, he said on the front porch of Jiwe Gumu School.

Jiwe Gumu, which means “hard stone” currently employs two permanent teachers and usually there are one or two volunteers from Art in Tanzania working alongside them.

Jiwe Gumu School opened in 2003.

News About the Construction

The new classroom foundation and walls have been finished and we are presently constructing the roof. We expect the whole construction to be finished end of November.


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