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Tanzanian musiciansArt in Tanzania offers art residencies and placements for artists seeking inspiration from African culture. These volunteering placements particularly suit people who are interested in such traditional African handicrafts as ebony carving, batik making and tinga tinga painting. Volunteers and interns work alongside Tanzanian artists, to produce work for both exhibition and sale, sharing ideas and cultural influences together. Volunteers and interns can also study African drumming and dance, as well as teaching performing arts on our school drama programs.

Handicraft programs are very important to our women groups. Typically they can produce reasonable quality African batik clothing and other batik products. Volunteers and interns are needed for to help in design, quality matters and also to open marketing outlets whereby the Fair Trade Product Exports scheme is potentially the most effective channel. So the handicraft sector does not only need volunteers and interns for the manufacturing but also people to assist in marketing.

Volunteering and internship in arts and handicraft programs in Africa in a great way for cultural exchange.

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