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Masai land school

Art in Tanzania supports over 100 community schools and education centers in Tanzania.  Volunteers and interns work in Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools teaching mathematics, English and other subjects. Not only do they provide much-needed support for the staff in the schools, but they also help to promote modern methods of education for the benefit of both students and teachers. This is also a good way for the teachers to learn new things from volunteers, which improves the quality of education. Volunteers and interns also provide various Adult education courses, including computer training and English.

Art in Tanzania education sector programs are run in Dar es Salaam, in Moshi in Kilimanjaro, Karatu and Masai land in N'gorongoro, in Bagamoyo, Madale, in Serengeti and in volunteer in educational program TanzaniaZanzibar in Tanzania. We have more than a hundred different kinds of education sector volunteer and internship placements and we also tailor placements for the participants. The schools are mostly run jointly with our local Tanzanian small partners or some schools we have been building ourselves.

Sometimes the development effort is easy to see as for example at Masai land we started a school under a big BaoBab tree, and then slowly collected funds from our safari programs and constructed a nursery - the primary school for the village. We also hired teachers and ensured that Masai girls could attend the school as well. We are still intensively working with this project and at the moment we are badly lacking classrooms as so many Masai children are just hoping to get a chance to get in the school.

Volunteer or select your internship program to be in Africa and you will never forget the experience. So many are coming back to continue their work after the first Africa experience. Tanzania is the most beautiful African country to get the first touch to Africa.

Art in Tanzania Education Programs

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