Mikumi Safari Donate Communities

All safari profits are used for Art in Tanzania community programs in Tanzania. 2015 -2017 our main focus is the Children's Agenda Progam we run in coalition with UNICEF, Save the Children and other NGOs. This includes the Mama Mkubwa Project building up a village community center in Madale village in Dar es Salaam. This program focuses on Children and Women. It also includes neonatal medical and health services. 

Departure:              Dar es Salaam
Start dates:            please contact us for start dates
Duration:                2 days with safari
Meals:                    see itinerary
Accommodation:     Lodge at Mikumi town
Cost:                      US$ 630 adults, usd 500 less than 15 years old and usd 150 less than 5 years old.

Note no Accommodation before and after the safari

Important add ons:

  • Accommodation at Art in Tanzania volunteer's hostel in Dar USD 35 per night with breakfast and dinner
  • Airport transfer USD 50 per car
  • For high quality hotel/lodge accommodation please contact us

elephant at MikumiMikumi National Park is just 5 hours west of Dar es Salaam and situated between the Uluguru Mountains, Rubeho Mountains, and Lumango Mountains. Mikumi is Tanzania’s fourth largest national park and home to many of Tanzania’s most beautiful wildlife. 


Day 1 – (-, l, d):
The safari car departs at 9 a.m.from Dar es Salaam  to make the 5-hour journey to Mikumi National Park. We serve local lunch/snacks on the way. Depending on traffic, the car usually gets to Mikumi by 2 p.m. allowing for a half day game drive.

We spend the night at Mikumi town hostels, usually at VETA hotel school. You can upgrade accommodation for a luxury lodge as well.

Day 2 – (b, l, d):
MOnkeys at Mikumi Natonal ParkAfter breakfast at the camp, the car departs for the game ride. The gate fees allow for 24 hours in the park, so the game ride will last until the time the car entered the park the day before. After morning game viewing and lunch we drive back to Dar es Salaam starting latest PM 4.



  • Closest park to Dar es Salaam
  • Guaranteed to see many animals and good game view during all seasons
  • Animals: antelopes, cheetahs (occasionally), crocodiles, elephants, gazelles, giraffes, hippopotamuses, leopards (occasionally), lions, zebras, and more than 400 bird species

We can book hotel accommodation of your choice before and after the safari. You can continue the African travel with us to Zanzibar beach holiday or to climb Mt Kilimanjaro as well among many options.


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