Mnarani Aquarium Marine Conservancy

Turtle identification

Established in 1993 in Nungwi on Zanzibar’s Northern coast, the Mnarani Aquarium aims to conserve marine turtles in close partnership with villagers and fishermen. This project is setting an example for how conservation can become a livelihood projectin local communities as well as helping those communities increase their income. The project is one of the main tourist attractions in the area and employs 10-12 local people in addition to volunteers.

Main activities include cleaning the aquarium turtle pools and juvenile turtles, collecting food for turtles, feeding the turtles, conducting aquarium tours for tourists and beach cleaning. During the nesting season from March-April, volunteers can join beach patrols. Because this is a full-time project, you will be staying in the Aquarium’s accommodation in Nungwi. Food and water is included in the additional cost.


Tree Planting and Beach Clean-Up

AIT partners with JIMZ, a local NGO dedicated to environmental conservation throughout Zanzibar. Every Saturday and Sunday, JIMZ organizes a beach cleanup and tree planting project at a local beach just outside of Stone Town. The beach is a 20 minute daladala ride from the AIT house and the project goes from 7-10am. Volunteers can either plant trees or do trash pick-up with other local volunteers. The goal is to create a local gathering place free of trash, which is also environmentally sustainable for the island.


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