Emilia Sten ja Anne Kevin - Turismi ja markkinointi harjoittelu

markkinointi ja turismi työharjoittelu AfrikkaWe are studying tourism at the University of Applied Sciences in FInland and it was time for us to have our internship. We knew that we wanted to do something out of the regular and we love traveling, so when we found the organization on our school's list of possible internship places, we couldn't get it ourt of our minds. We left the rainy Finland behind us heading for a months adventure, and it really has been one. It took while to get ued to their "pole pole" ((slow) working tempo. We got pretty free hands, but that also meant that we had to take things in our own hands. We wante to get out as much as possible of our internship, and also see different places. After talking to some workers, we made up a plan, which everyone was happy with. Our main task was to write stories on Art in Tanzania blog. A part of our internship is also to be at the stand of the Nordic Travel Fair in January in Finland. Today is our last day, and we are amazed how much we have experienced in just a month. We are sad about leaving all the nice people behind and a bit afraid that the real culture shock wit hit us when we come home, since we didn't have on when we arrived.

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