Selous - Mikumi - Udzungwa

Art in Tanzania new safari route for Souther Circuit Safari is starting from Dar es Salaam, going through Selous game reserve (world heritage site) then to Udzungwa rain forests for trekking program and finally to Mikumi National park. You will encounter 3 different ecotypes and get familiar for the African villages on the way.

All safari profits are used for Art in Tanzania community programs in Tanzania. 2015 -2017 our main focus is the Children's Agenda Progam we run in coalition with UNICEF, Save the Children and other NGOs. This includes the Mama Mkubwa Project building up a village community center in Madale village in Dar es Salaam. This program focuses on Children and Women. It also includes neonatal medical and health services.


Departure: Dar es Salaam

Start dates: Please contact us. If you are 2 you can go at any time

Duration: 3 nights / 4 days

Meals: see itinerary

Accommodation: Luxury tented camp in Selous - High Quaity Lodge at Udzungwa - No accommodation before and after the safari


Adults USD 1,300 per person

Children 5 - 15 years USD 800 - no small children due to the rainforest trek

Important add on options:

  • Accommodation before and after the safari in Art in Tanzania volunteers hostel USD 30 per night with breakfast and dinner.
  • For hotel stay please contact us to get the options
  • Airport transfers to and from Dar es Salaam airport one way USD 50

Please contact us for other add on program to tailor your safari trip


At Selous you can still encounter the untouched wilderness.Tanzania safari

Selous Game Reserve is the world largest wild life reserve and Africa's largest protected area uninhabited by man, where Tanzania's greatest population of elephants wander in an area bigger than Switzerland. Other well known animals include the hippo, depleted numbers of the black rhino, large herds of buffalo, the area's famous wild dogs and 5 000 lion patrol the Reserve. Animals are easy to see around the small lakes and riverbanks and Selous Game Reserve possesses a diverse landscape from hot volcanic springs, sporadic lakes and channels from the Great Ruaha and Rufiji rivers.

Mikumi National Park is situated between the Uluguru Mountains, Rubeho Mountains, and Lumango Mountains. Mikumi is Tanzania's fourth largest national park and home to many of Tanzania's most beautiful wildlife.

Udzungwa rain forest is part of the most beautiful Tanzanian landscape with thick green vegetation, waterfalls and primates.


Day 1 | Dar es Salaam - Selous (280km) | -, l, d
You start the Selous safari around 9am by visiting a supermarket for to buy small snacks for the drive. Driving to Selous takes some 6 hours. Half of the trip we drive through the African villages. The car will arrive at Mbega Camp, a luxury tented camp, along the Rufiji River bank for a nice dinner and 2-night accommodation - hippos at your footsteps and primates at the treetops.

Day 2 Selous | b, l, dUdzungwa Rainforest trek Tanzania
After breakfast at the camp, the car departs for a full day game ride in Selous around the lakes and hot volcanic springs depending on the season that will include a boxed lunch. We end up to Mbega camp North for overnight accommodation.

Day 3 Udzungwa Trek - b, l, d

After breakfast at the hostel/lodge, we depart and drive to Uduzungwa where we arrive around AM 10. We have one day of trekking inside the Udzungwa Rain Forest with stops at waterfalls and watering holes. Accommodation in the Udzungwa tourist hotel.

Day 4. Mikumi National Park - b , l, -

We drive t Mikumi National Park (60km) and have a day drive in the park. About PM 4 we start driving back to Dar es Salaam. We arrive to Dar es Salaam depending on the traffic about PM 8.


  • Selous Mikumi safariClosest parks to Dar es Salaam
  • Guaranteed to see many animals and good game view during all seasons
  • 3 completely different ecotypes and faunas of Africal Wildlife
  • Animals: antelopes, cheetahs (occasionally), crocodiles, elephants, gazelles, giraffes, hippopotamuses, leopards (occasionally), lions, zebras, and more than 400 bird species

We can book hotel accommodation of your choice before and after the safari. You can continue the African travel with us to Zanzibar beach holiday or to climb Mt Kilimanjaro as well among many options.



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