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Film production internship TanzaniaTanzania movie industry has rapidly developed to be the second in Africa after Nigeria. Although South Africa may have its own say. The "Bongo Movies" industry is financially the only art form in Tanzania that works in profits.

Art in Tanzania team is producing full movies, short documentaries (as UNICEF Children Agenda) and music videos among others. Our team is self-trained but skillful. The participants are to develop their skills along participating in the actual production.

We need people to participate in the full line of movie making tasks as scriptwriting, camera and light operations, and editing and special effects & animation sector.

Photographing is also a powerful tool for our media approaches and we welcome photographers to join the program.

Aside from the work at the office we also like to give the students tasks that support our community-based work such as making home visits to the villages and underprivileged communities, to support general information and education tasks in the schools, women groups, etc. In Africa, the local communities face many problems such as malnutrition, poor hygiene, HIV and similar problems that do Volunteer in movie making Tanzanianot play such a prominent role in Western countries. The internships provide a unique chance for a student to learn what social care and education really mean in developing countries.

An in-country Coordinator is available to assist the participant from the first day of arrival until the end of their participation. Upon arrival, our staff will show you around the local area, help you settle into the volunteer house and help you get started on your chosen placement. The Program Coordinator will also be the person responsible for designing the individualized placement.

Please don't expect to find the same structure, standards, and attitudes as in your home country. Also, we have many different adventure tours and cultural events to add to your stay in Africa.
A more detailed description of any individual volunteering/internship is available upon request.

Film Production

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