Fair Trade

fair trade africaThe Handicraft and Design Sector placements are tailored to the general skills and capabilities of the participant and in case of an intern to the needs of the particular internship assignment. All placements are more or less tailored according to the background and interests of the participant.

The participant will be working with Art in Tanzania in our Stone Cutting & Polishing & Jewelry making project, mosaics project, batik project and also developing projects of their own. All the projects need new designs and marketing of the products. The student will mainly participate in Dar es Salaam but can do part of the project in Moshi, Karatu, Zanzibar and Masai land as well.

The Fair Trade program focuses on helping the small producers to develop the design and sell their products. So we are not always selling through the "official" Fair Trade licensed network as that system is stopping the real small producers to market their products, as they do not have the capacity to register themselves to the system. So basically the Fair Trade system works against its original focus in countries like Tanzania.

Aside from the work at the office we also like to give the students tasks that support our community-based work such as making home visits to the villages and underprivileged communities, to support general information and education tasks in the schools, women groups, etc. In Africa, the local communities face many problems such as malnutrition, poor hygiene, HIV and similar problems that do not play such a prominent role in Western countries. The internships provide a unique chance for a student to learn what social care and education really mean in developing countries.

An in-country Coordinator is available to assist the participant from the first day of arrival until the end of their participation. Upon arrival, our staff will show you around the local area, help you settle into the volunteer house and help you get started on your chosen placement. The Program Coordinator will also be the person responsible for designing the individualized placement.

Please don't expect to find the same structure, standards, and attitudes as in your home country. Also, we have many different adventure tours and cultural events to add to your stay in Africa.
A more detailed description of any individual volunteering/internship is available upon request.

Fair Trade

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