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tree planting volunteering AfricaSome 2/3rd of Tanzania is forest land but the volume is decreasing rapidly. the main problem is the charcoal production for cooking and we have very few economically viable alternatives to give for the common households.

Commercial and controlled utilization of forests is also growing so we do have some positives as well.

There is a need to develop the tree nursery and panting activities in Tanzania. Also to give visibility for the public in common about the importance of forests.

We also need to recognize the importance of forests for the tourism industry as well as for all Tanzanian as a free time destination if the form of nature and bird-watching treks.

Art in Tanzania runs plant nursery and tree planting programs in Moshi (Kilimanjaro) and in Dar es Salaam.

In Dar es Salaam our Corporate Social Responsibility Partner TWIGA Cement we run tree nursery and planting operations for the communities.

Volunteers work together with the locals in the tree nursery and make natural fiber paper. This is a full day job with a lunch break in between and work is quite physical. Activities in the project can vary from day to day based on the tree nursery planting volunteer Africaneeds of the project, for example watering plants, collecting seeds, pruning trees, gathering braches for paper making, work on paper making process, artwork for finished papers, etc.

In Dar es Salaam we are developing a plant nursery and tree planting program of our own. It also includes research for alternative fertilizers as using dry toilet waste as well as to develop forestry-based nature treks as bird watching tours.

You can participate in all the activities above but also along needing more hands we also need more knowledge and solutions so all new ideas are much welcome. you may implement a program of your own in Africa.

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