Woodwork Artisan

furniture making volunteer intern tanzania africaWoodwork artisan profession is very common in Tanzania. At every roadside, you find small workshops some producing window frames and doors for common construction, some basic furniture and then some are producing highly artistic traditional designs highlighting the Zanzibar Arabic styles of woodworks with carving decorations. Hardwood is commonly used as material. It is booking business as the middle class is growing and people construct their homes all around the country.

Also, we have the Makonde tribal carvers who produce world-famous wooden ebony carvings/sculptures.

Location: Dar es Salaam

Term: Ongoing program – one can attend at any time and any term

Placement info: Working with the local Tanzanian woodwork artisans depending on the applicant’s focus and skills. The placement is focused to be interactive where the student learns from the Tanzanian artisans and thereon the intern can transfer new techniques, ideas and designs for the Tanzanian counterpart.

Woodwork Artisan

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