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volunteer intern interior design tanzania africaTanzania has the fastest growing economy in Africa. We have an emerging middle class with reasonable buying power. Today a Tanzanian family is not only dreaming of building a home but they do it and they also look for interior designs. Interior designing is growing business in Tanzania

Interior design participant needs to have a good understanding of interior designing software. The intern needs to be able to work independently as learning the availability of the local raw materials and the ability to learn the Tanzanian culture and priorities of common people for their homes. Intern also needs to be interactive, capable to discuss with the people constructing their homes.

Location: Dar es Salaam. Partly in Zanzibar and Moshi (Kilimanjaro)

Term: Ongoing program – one can attend at any time and any term

Placement info: Interior designing is a new approach in Tanzania. It is highly important that the participant is capable to work independently and to implement the ideas to the African tradition.

The participant will start to work designing Art in Tanzania Dar es Salaam compound to get easy start-up and thereon the work is extended to the public in common.

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