Madale Dar es Salaam houseAccommodation is included in your volunteering fee. Our volunteer houses are clean and safe places where you will be surrounded by volunteers from all over the world. We find that many volunteers never want to say goodbye to their new friends!

We keep our volunteer fees as low as possible which means we don't provide five-star accommodation. Most of our beds are bunks in small single-sex dormitories - two to ten people usually share a room.

All but one of our locations has a communal area where you can relax after a hard day's work and socialize with other volunteers. The only exception is Masai land where our accommodation is in traditional Masai Boma mud huts. Masai land is best described as basic "camping" conditions, where you will live according to traditional Masai culture.

Every location has a security team on patrol 24 hours a day and staff who live on site.

Tanzania is a poor developing country and the standard of infrastructure is probably lower here than in your home country. We experience frequent power cuts and interruptions to the water supply in all of our locations. But with a little patience, and a flexible attitude to things, such as shower times, our volunteers manage to survive.

More information about each of our volunteer houses is available on the locations and project pages.

If you have any specific accommodation or access needs please contact us.


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