Projects in Need

We are currently raising funds to enable us to build a new youth centre in Bagamoyo - a town in Tanzania with exceptionally high levels of poverty and social exclusion. Read more about our Bagamoyo appeal >

We also are collecting donations to fund construction projects for schools. We offer in-country volunteers the opportunity to take part in these construction projects, and your donation could help produce school desks, benches or chalkboards for the classrooms. One desk costs around 35 USD.

You can also donate money for our emergency cash fund. These donations go to the most at need project. We use this money to pay for example school fees for the poorest children or for medical care for orphans when needed. Even a small amount can help. A malaria test and treatment in Tanzania costs only 10 USD, but can save a child's life.

We also appreciate material donations. We currently are looking to collect second hand laptops for our movable computer classes, as well as toys, books and clothing. You may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to learn how your material donation may be transferred to Tanzania with one of our travelling volunteers or other means.

How to make a donation

Donate online with Paypal now

Please note that Paypal will deduct a small fee from your donation before they send it on to us.

Donate by bank transfer

We accept donations by bank transfer in US dollars and Euro. Please contact us and tell us which country your bank account is in. We will then provide you with our most appropriate bank details. We do use clearing house accounts and most part of the work you can pay your donation through your local banks avoiding the overseas transfers fees.

Make a cash donation when you are in Tanzania

Only Team Leaders and Art in Tanzania Directors are authorised to accept cash donations. They will ask you to complete a paper copy of the donations form and give you a receipt when you make your donation.

Additional information