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media volunteer tanzaniaArt in Tanzania’s Media Department focuses on using digital media outlets such as social media, web pages, and blogs.  We use the media to give visibility to our programs, marketing, Children Agenda (in coalition with UNICEF), music, arts, and the other areas we are focused upon.

Our community-based programs are to empower the local communities and individual people. Our interns experience being immersed in the daily life of Tanzania while also having the opportunity to witness the growth of the fastest-growing economy in Africa.

Art in Tanzania is established within Tanzania’s art sector.  For over 15 years, and with over 18 movies produced, Art in Tanzania has supported local artists and art programs to develop.  Areas of focus include African Music and Dance, Film, and Design.  We offer an immersion experience for students in both developing culture and art.  Our flagship music group Sanaa Sana has traveled overseas to perform on several occasions.  We are looking for traditionally-trained artists to help enhance our programs by collaborating, mentoring, and teaching our self-taught art incubator.

We document and raise awareness for our efforts by incorporating arts and media. We place a strong emphasis on providing visibility to promoting human rights, the Children’s Agenda, and general NGO operations and self-sustaining fundraising.

At Art in Tanzania, we innovate our art and media styles in dynamic development.

There is plenty of opportunities to learn as well as provide creative input at Art in Tanzania. This work is tutored by Mr. Kari Korhonen and the art in Tanzania Media Team.

This is an ongoing program and we can adjust the starting dates. 



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