The construction projects in Dar Es Salaam vary from small jobs to bigger projects. Small jobs include building school benches, painting the school, repairing floors, roof building, installing new windows and doors, fixing playground equipment and landscaping. Bigger jobs could be for example include building toilet shelters, gathering areas or even building new classrooms. The project depends mainly on external funding either from volunteers or other individual and organizational sources. Funding is needed for the raw materials which are required for the construction.

There is also a long-term construction project in Bagamoyo, where Art in Tanzania is building a youth center for the local community. There will be a nursery, primary and secondary school, an art education center, housing for the staff and volunteers, housing for boarding students, a tropical fruit farm utilizing sustainable eco-horticultural processes, a water reclamation area and recreational facilities such as a football field and basketball court and areas for play and other sports. The building’s construction occurs in phases and due to lack of funding the building process is slow. All help is needed to finish the center as soon as possible.

The construction projects could be either a morning or afternoon project depending on the amount of work and deadline of the project.


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