Volunteer in Orphanage in Tanzania

volunteer n orphanage AfricaIn the Tanzanian culture, most orphans are taken in by surviving family members or by someone else in the same community. Therefore, there are not very many institutionalized orphanages in Tanzania, compared to the number of orphans. Art in Tanzania volunteers and interns work with orphanages in Dar Es Salaam.

The age range of the children in orphanages can vary from infants to teenagers. Often, orphanages also have a Nursery or Primary School included on the premises. In the morning volunteers work in the Nursery or Primary School with the children assisting to teach basic English and maths and other subjects depending on the age of the pupils. In the afternoon the volunteers can help the orphans with homework and also play games and organize activities. The children need attention, care and affection from the volunteers, which they may lack by not living with family.

The orphanages are usually very poor, and the children really have only the bare minimum. Often, there are not enough beds for all the children to sleep on and the children have very few belongings. Anything that you can contribute from basic school supplies to clothes would be highly appreciated. Art in Tanzania can assist volunteers/interns who are interested in donating larger items such as beds or desks, which can be facilitated once in-country.

Volunteering and internship programs in orphanages in Tanzania are also part of Art in Tanzania Children's Agenda approach. Along with the practical daily work you can also be active in planning, reporting, and social media issues to help us to advocate the children's agenda and rights issues.



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